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Aquarium & Tank Maintenance


Utah Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is essential for the health and well-being of both saltwater and freshwater fish. Regular cleaning and upkeep will keep your tank’s environment healthy, ensure good water quality, and maximize the lifespan of your aquatic animals.

Saltwater Maintenance

Saltwater aquariums require more frequent and thorough maintenance than freshwater tanks. A complete water change should be done about every 2 to 4 weeks or more often if needed. Saltwater tanks should also be regularly tested for pH, alkalinity, calcium, nitrate, and other parameters to ensure good water quality. The substrate in a saltwater tank should also be vacuumed frequently to remove any debris that accumulates over time; this is especially important as uneaten food can quickly lead to an ammonia spike, harming aquatic life. Additionally, the filter media in fresh and saltwater tanks should also be changed monthly.

OCD Reefs Maintenance Services

OCD Reefs is excited to announce our maintenance service. We have you covered, from aquarium setup to algae control or water testing. Our team can help select compatible species or help by providing routine water changes. We aim to create a stress-free environment for your fish and provide this professional service at a great price.